The Museum of Loss and Renewal Residency Programme


The Museum of Loss and Renewal Residency Programme 2019


The Museum of Loss and Renewal offers individual and guided group Residencies that take place annually between April and October. The Residency Programme is designed to support research, study, co-learning and/or the development of new work.


Applications are open to visual artists, performing artists, writers, curators, designers, musicians, theatre-makers and those working in collaboration. We encourage applications from interdisciplinary creatives and groups working in a broad range of disciplines from e.g. anthropology to zoology.


The Residency Programme is located in Collemacchia, a small village within Italy’s National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise, a protected area of exceptional significance and beauty. The cities of Naples and Rome are within easy reach.


Engagement with the natural world begins on the doorstep and the stunning mountainous landscape surrounding the village offers an excellent environment for reflective practice. The ancient, undisturbed and extensive terrain holds a rich and complex history visible in its architecture, customs, agricultural lands and forests.


The area is sparsely populated by villages that are largely trilingual Italian-French-English due to the large community of emigrants who continually move between European nations. The Museum of Loss and Renewal fosters strong links with the local community which is highly supportive of the Residency Programme.


Individual Residencies

An individual Residency provides uninterrupted periods of time with no expectation of a final outcome.


As the museum expands its excellent accommodation, new residencies are offered this year in August, September and October.



Guided Group Residencies

Guided group Residencies offer participants a discursive environment for exchange and production in both a individual and collaborative mode.



Live/work accommodation in 2019 has expanded to include two fully furnished houses consisting of multiple bedrooms, desk space, studio space, central heating and internet.


The Residency Programme is documented in a full-colour bi-lingual (Eng-It) publication that brings together the work and/or visual and textual material generated by the participants.


Typically, artists source funding to support fees, flights, production costs or other subsistence by applying to their national arts funding bodies, by personal fundraising, or through academic institutional support. Letters of invitation can be provided to assist in this process.


In 2017 and 2018, artists based in the Hauts de France region of France were invited to apply for the fully-funded residency <<IDEAL>>. Funding dependent, we expect to be able to offer this opportunity again in 2019. This 3 week Residency normally takes place in September and is offered in partnership with artconnexion, contemporary art production and mediation consultants, Lille and is supported by the City of Lille and the Institut français.


The Museum of Loss and Renewal is a member of RES ARTIS, world wide network of artist residencies.