No Neutral Representations, 2011


'No Neutral Representations' is a silent still-image slide projection. A linear series of notebook pages are presented with associated postcards. The notebook was developed as a conversation piece between the Tracy Mackenna & Edwin Janssen, as a way of exploring the central ideas and considerations in The Museum of Loss and Renewal.


Projected on a large scale in both of The Museum's presentations, 'Loss Becomes Object' and 'Object Becomes Subject', the work repeatedly returned participants' and audiences' attention to the exhibition projects' main themes.


As artists who collaborate, we communicate with each other daily through the visual, the verbal and the textual. This work created space in which to convey meaning to each other, in the project's exploratory stages, through strategies that are on the whole not accessed by, or are unavailable to those working solely with text; writers and speakers.


This playful exploration contrasts what is seen (the seeable) and what is said (the sayable). It highlights aspects of signification, of visualisation, and of those junctions and spatial intersections where seeing and saying meet. Intentional ambiguity, associative processes, interpretation, the poetic and ekphrasis (the recreation in words of works of art) are all modes that we toy with, while the evolving pages offer a growing series of construed meanings that are opened out to wider audiences at the moments of presentation.