Making Museums: Place & Politics symposium + Helmsdale: Museum for a Day

Helmsdale | 10 + 11 March 2017


Geography, people and politics can determine how we create the museums of today.


Making Museums took this provocation as a starting point for a two-day programme co-curated by Timespan and The Museum of Loss and Renewal.


On Day one, the symposium Making Museums: Place & Politics focussed on the role of museums in response to socio-geographic and political contexts. Museum professionals, artists, historians, academics, curators, researchers, and interested others were welcomed to discuss how specific geographies and publics shape the methodologies we apply in a museum, what practices and values we share irrespective of place, and what active role museums can or should take with regards to politics.


The second day of the programme – Helmsdale: Museum for a Day – asked what happens when we think beyond the walls of the traditional museum space and imagine our village as museum, inviting our visitors and community to explore its collections and histories anew.


Timespan’s current museum redevelopment provided a grounding context for both days.


Photography by Gavin Macqueen and Edwin Janssen