The Highland Institute for Contemporary Art, Loch Ruthven, Scotland, 2011.


This exhibition consisted of two cardboard display cases, 'Life is Short, Art Long' and 'Forces of Attraction and Repulsion'. A series of artefacts collected in The Highland Hospice charity shops were juxtaposed with associative material, resulting in a series of still-life groupings that provoked reflections on issues of loss, death, recycling and appropriation. The poster 'Loss becomes Object, if you want it!' continues our ongoing work 'The John and Yoko Drawings', the slogan setting the framework for the exhibition.


'Loss Becomes Object' was launched at The Highland Institute for Contemporary Art with a public discussion: Paula McCormack, Director of Clinical and Education Services, The Highland Hospice talked about the organisation's work; Emma Nicolson, Director of ATLAS, presented context-specific art practice; Tracy Mackenna & Edwin Janssen discussed The Museum of Loss and Renewal's central issues.


In 'publications and editions' see 'Loss Becomes Object Becomes Subject' (2013) that documents the first two parts of The Museum of Loss and Renewal, designed in collaboration with Stout/Kramer. HICA’s publication 'Exhibitions 2011' contains an essay on Loss Becomes Object by Duncan McLaren.