Jo, Josephine, Giuseppina and Tracy


Jo, Josephine, Giuseppina and Tracy is the first chapter in the exploration of Tracy's relationship with her mother Giuseppina Salvatore (1933-2015). Created between Collemacchia and Cerreto in the region of Molise, Italy in 2016.


In this short film (7:00) visual flashes reveal connections in a five-decade long relationship between mother and daughter.


Conditions of duality - Scots-Italian identity - are investigated through considerations of place, belonging and language. Repeatedly treading the same short ancestral route, walking as empathic movement and transformative experience enables and embodies a state of ‘becoming’ that is explored and revealed through film, still-image photography, drawing and audio recording.


In memory of Tracy’s mother, Giuseppina Salvatore (1933-2015)


Scottish première, Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival

UK première, Walking Women, Somerset House, London, July 2016

Public Talk, Walking Women, Forest Fringe, Edinburgh Festival, Aug 2016