The Museum of Loss and Renewal is a roaming art practice nurtured by Tracy Mackenna & Edwin Janssen. It offers space, time and contexts for making and sharing, with a focus on the challenges we face in our individual and social lives.

Merging production, education and research The Museum of Loss and Renewal manifests itself in multiple forms such as exhibitions, public studios, screenings, residencies and publications. These activities often incorporate interdisciplinary public gatherings.



As The Museum of Loss and Renewal gets ready to inaugurate its new art space in Collemacchia, Molise, Italy in August it is delighted to announce its collaboration on the event 'World War 2 Gate' with local groups Pro Loco Mainarde and Combat Road Museum.


World War 2 Gate compliments the work being done by The Museum of Loss and Renewal’s Co-Curators Tracy Mackenna & Edwin Janssen on the subjects of conflict and peace in projects such as 'War as Ever!', Nederlands Fotomuseum / Atlas van Stolk, Rotterdam; 'War is Over!', Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Zurich.


'World War 2 Gate' is a virtual door that unites the past with the present day through evocation of emotions and dramas experienced along the Gustav Line, Italy.


The project aims to disseminate and preserve historical memory related to the war years through the use of modern technologies, primarily augmented reality. Audiences will be able to relive salient episodes that happened during a period of significant world conflict, in exactly the places in which they occurred.


The idea has been generated by designer Pierluigi Iannarelli in collaboration with Combat Road Museum and is supported by The Museum of Loss and Renewal to make known the stories of people who lived through conflict and to stimulate consciences so that the recurrence of similar events may hopefully be avoided.


Through the use of augmented reality an immersive experience will bring us close to a historical moment, technology facilitating a portal to the past.


17 August 2019, 10:30, Lagoni, municipality of Filignano (Is), Italy.






Collemacchia, Molise, Italy


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